Let’s say that you’re stuck on the side of the road late at night with a broken-down vehicle and there’s no help in sight. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a 24-hour towing service in Naperville, IL, or wherever in the middle of nowhere you may be? With around-the-clock assistance at your disposal, you won’t […] Read More
You’re enjoying a smooth ride as you cruise along the city’s nightlife hub. Suddenly, your tire blows out. Don’t freak out. It’s just one of those things that happens. It’s one of those unfortunate situations that can happen to anyone. Dealing with a flat tire might be inconvenient, but with the right knowledge, you can […] Read More
Riding a motorcycle is undoubtedly a freedom you can’t get in a car. A calming, almost religious feeling while cruising and a rush when cranking the throttle.. What happens if your bike breaks down while you’re on the road? A dirt bike is designed to be put into the back of a pick up truck […] Read More
Anything can happen when one’s helping out a driver in distress. An accident on top of an accident unfolds and if it’s your company on the scene, you’re now part of the accident. Towing is an industry laden with risks like property damage and injury. We have large heavy equipment, high tensioned metal cables pulling […] Read More
One of the simplest and safest ways to tow any car is by using a flatbed tow truck. It’s an excellent option if you’ve been in an accident and the car can’t move. A flatbed has no top or sides and is equipped with a winch.  Using its many features, including the winch, the car […] Read More
In the event of a power outage, we contact an emergency fuel delivery service because the generator needs gasoline to keep running. If we are to avoid operation downtime and thereby make sure the production quota is met, this is what a business needs to be an integral part of its setup. This is one […] Read More
One of the things that should already be predetermined by a car owner is the roadworthiness of the vehicle. Being prepared for an unfortunate incident while on the road is another thing. This could include getting locked out of your vehicle, running out of gas, the battery going dead, a flat tire, driving into a […] Read More
At Kit’s Towing, we provide 24/7 towing service in Naperville, IL, readily available to lend our services for all your towing-related needs. Our professional and courteous staff is ready to assist you with any towing or roadside emergency situation at any time! Whether you need a wrecker, flatbed tow, landoll flatbed service, medium or heavy duty […] Read More
A step-by-step guide to having a stress and hassle-free wait Nobody wants to experience the inconvenience of being stuck on the road because of a car failure. However, there are some unfortunate times when there are people who experience this thing. And the majority of those who experience it calls for the help of a […] Read More
Almost every car owner is prone to roadside accidents. One of the direst situations that any driver may, unfortunately, encounter is collisions. But the trouble does not stop when rescue comes to aid. There are many other things that you would need to take care of even after the incident has happened. To begin, getting […] Read More
As a motorist, you know that there are many instances in which you will have to call your local Naperville, Il towing company. But calling for roadside assistance isn’t as simple as dialing a number and saying you need a tow truck service. As mentioned in our previous blogs there are multiple types of trucks used […] Read More
Nowadays, there is a growing demand for towing companies and auto transportation services all across the world. The reason for this is that in today’s generation, automobiles are not looked at by people as a mere luxury anymore. In fact, cars and even motorcycles are already considered to be an essential part of a person’s […] Read More
If your vehicle ever breaks down and you get stuck in the middle of nowhere, how sure are you that you’ll be able to get yourself and your car out of there? This could happen anytime, and calling a towing company to aid you may be a bit too much of a surprise for your wallet if […] Read More
Having readily available towing services in your area is perhaps one of the most reassuring safety net for everyone who owns a vehicle in Naperville. If you ever get in trouble in the middle of nowhere, it’s comforting to know that you can always just call the closest tow truck company from your location for some emergency […] Read More
Technology has certainly made a huge impact on society. Various fields have since benefited from advancements that both make their services a lot more effective and efficient. And for towing, this cannot be stressed enough. Most people don’t know that there are different types of tow trucks that are used by companies that provide this […] Read More
If you’ve ever witnessed how a local towing company in Naperville, IL operates, then you’ve probably seen that we often use some pretty huge trucks to transport smaller types of vehicles as well as some heavy pieces of equipment. Flatbed trucks — that’s what they are. As their name suggests, they’re basically a “flatbed”, a flat horizontal […] Read More
Did you know that small local businesses — a towing company from Naperville, Illinois for example — are the ones responsible for recycling most junk vehicles all across the US? In the country alone, there are about 12 million vehicles recycled each year making this industry the 16th largest, contributing about $25 billion annually to the national […] Read More
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