The Benefits of Using a Flatbed Tow Truck for Your Car

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One of the simplest and safest ways to tow any car is by using a flatbed tow truck. It’s an excellent option if you’ve been in an accident and the car can’t move. A flatbed has no top or sides and is equipped with a winch.  Using its many features, including the winch, the car is slowly positioned onto the flatbed.

Tow trucks typically fall into two groups. The wrecker or the flatbed.The first lifts one end of the car and pulls it to its destination on its non-drive wheels or uses dollies to lift the whole vehicle off the ground. Dollies then take the place of the vehicle’s wheels so the vehicle does not touch the ground.. The second carries the whole vehicle on the truck’s bed. Naturally, the latter is what we’re here to talk about. There’s a flatbed towing service in Naperville, IL, that can help drivers in distress. Let’s now look at  five benefits of using a flatbed.

Less Risk

This is the best method for avoiding further harm to the towed vehicle by keeping it farther away from the road surface.. When your car breaks down, the first thing you should consider is securing yourself and your vehicle. A flatbed tow is your best bet for moving your car in the best way possible. This mode of assistance protects the cargo from further damage.

A Lot Safer

Most tow trucks will make adjustments based on the vehicle they are pulling.  A flatbed uses a variety of equipment to move and properly secure your vehicle. including but not limited to; winch cables, different bridles, giant straps and safety chains

More Convenient

In a towing situation that requires a car to be pulled by the service truck, we must first take off a car’s drive shaft to prevent transmission damage before hitching the front wheels to a dolly and pulling the vehicle. In the case of flatbed towing, the car is simply wheeled or winched onto the platform, securely fastened, and driven off. We’ve enumerated three advantages of flatbed towing. We have two more to go.

Time Saver

The vehicle may be loaded easily on a flatbed tow truck. A winch is used to load our damaged car if it can’t be moved. If it’s in tip-top shape, we can just drive it up to the platform, give the tow truck operator time to hitch the vehicle securely in place, and off we go. It saves us more time.

The Only Option

There are unusual circumstances, such as when a vehicle’s axle is broken or if the wheels won’t turn because of the damage it has undergone. There would be no other way to move the car other than with a flatbed tow truck. The automobile just needs to be winched to the platform, and all’s well.

For Flatbed Towing

And there you have it. You’re now set. We’ve just let you in on everything there is to know about the benefits of flatbed towing. It’s the best choice for transporting our vehicle wherever we may need it to be dropped off. This mode of service is the best for long-distance transport, avoiding wear and tear and adding mileage. In case you have a need for it, there’s a flatbed towing service in Naperville, IL.

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