The Importance of Insurance Coverage for Towing Services

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Anything can happen when one’s helping out a driver in distress. An accident on top of an accident unfolds and if it’s your company on the scene, you’re now part of the accident. Towing is an industry laden with risks like property damage and injury. We have large heavy equipment, high tensioned metal cables pulling thousands of pounds, 50lb chains and other possibly dangerous tools we use on an everyday basis. We assist police departments with removing vehicles from accident scenes and even help firemen gain entry into a burning home. Needless to say, we don’t just tow vehicles. Because of this, insurance is offered to protect both the drivers and those companies that provide expert towing services. Not every towing company has the proper required insurance. Be sure you’re working with one that does. Kit’s Towing in Naperville does. Here’s why.

Sense of Security

The peace of mind offered when servicing a vehicle can’t be quantified if the towing company is properly insured. If by chance something out of the ordinary should happen, everyone is covered. We can only imagine the hardships someone could be presented with otherwise.


Towing insurance protects us from the high cost associated with having our vehicle towed.. Accidents can occur anytime and having coverage for towing is essential. Those of us who have towing coverage many times get reimbursed from our insurance companies.In other cases the insurance company or policy, such as AAA, can contact a tow service directly and take care of the cost immediately.

Liability Coverage

No matter how careful the towing company is, accidents can still happen. This explains the importance of insurance coverage for towing. For those in the business, typical liability coverage  includes injuries to drivers and passengers sustained during the tow, damages to the towed vehicle during the operation, and damages caused to other vehicles by the driver. The benefits of proper insurance can never be underestimated.

The Cost of Insurance for the Towing Business

The insurance premiums for towing companies vary greatly according to a number of rating elements based on the track record of the business,  of towing operation and  the size and type of tow trucks being used. The fleet’s trucks—their make, model, and age—would be also considerations. The geographical service area and typical travel distances will also be part of the evaluation. Lastly, insurance companies will be looking into the history of claims made by the towing company.

Only an Insured Tow Truck

You can either think of looking for a  cheap towing company on your phone that may not carry the proper insurance or you can get in touch with us, Kit’s Towing. Like everything else, you get what you pay for. We have transparent pricing, we operate around the clock and our drivers are licensed. Lastly, Kit’s Towing is well insured. That means you’re protected from the moment we respond to you. With any business, having the proper insurance says “we care” about our customers.  Call us at 630-369-3225.

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