Tips When Looking for the Best Towing Company

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One of the things that should already be predetermined by a car owner is the roadworthiness of the vehicle. Being prepared for an unfortunate incident while on the road is another thing. This could include getting locked out of your vehicle, running out of gas, the battery going dead, a flat tire, driving into a ditch, needing a tow, or, worse, getting into an accident. It’s best to know exactly who you need to call when any of those things happen.

The company you want to call should already be on your mind. At least, have the contact information of the people to whom you want to lend a hand. Choose the group that you are confident in providing the best roadside assistance to if the need arises. One phone number for someone in your neighborhood, and another if you’re driving out of town. Who can serve you best? Here are some tips when looking for a towing company.

Licensed & Insured

You need to make sure that the company you’ll be hiring to help you is licensed. This ensures whoever’s in your phonebook is qualified to do the job. Insurance, on the other hand, safeguards you from additional costs if the towing damages your vehicle in any way.


You need a company that’s not only licensed and insured but also one with experience in providing needed services to drivers in distress. It’s essential to check how long they’ve been at it. The more years it has under its belt, the better your chances are of receiving top-tier attention.

At Your Service Round the Clock

Even if you rarely go out for a drive at night, it’s always reassuring to know that the people you’re relying on for help are there 24/7 in case you do. With all the roadside assistance services, especially emergency towing, that you and other motorists in trouble will need, you can only trust professionals who respond immediately. This is a reply nobody likes to get: “Please leave your name and number, and we’ll get back to you tomorrow.”

Online Reviews

Choose a towing company that is well-known for its various roadside assistance services and has received positive feedback. Naturally, while you’ll be looking for positive comments, take note that some customers may have unfavorable comments. It’s important that the endorsements far outweigh the warnings. If you’re from the area, a towing company in Naperville, IL, might be what you’re looking for.

Cost Estimate

Reputable companies charge a flat rate per mile for towing. It will depend on what your vehicle is and how far it’s being taken. As far as the other roadside assistance services they provide, they have fixed rates for them as well. You can call them if you are stuck in a ditch, have a flat tire, or have run out of gas, and you’ll be able to get an estimate of what to pay. Before you ask them to show up, make sure they give you a ballpark figure.
24/7 Year-Round

If you drive around in the daytime and at night, you’d want someone who has your back in case you do something embarrassing like getting locked out of the car with the keys inside. Keep the phone number of a reputable towing service in your area handy. Make sure you also have a fallback when out of town.

Keep in mind that they’re both insured, licensed, and experienced, open round the clock, have positive online reviews, and can give you an estimate for the services you’ll need. Those are the tips when looking for a towing company that you must not forget.

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