Heavy vs. Light Towing

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As a motorist, you know that there are many instances in which you will have to call your local Naperville, Il towing company. But calling for roadside assistance isn’t as simple as dialing a number and saying you need a tow truck service. As mentioned in our previous blogs there are multiple types of trucks used for towing that are well suited for different situations. And the mark of an expert towing service is if they ask you what type of towing you need. If you’re thinking that giving an answer to this question is a bit complicated, don’t. Because there are only two types of towing: light and heavy.  

These two can be easily distinguished by analyzing and assessing the current situation. But before you ask “When is heavy towing needed” let’s first delve into their differences. 

The first distinction between the two is obviously the type of car you have. Light towing primarily caters to smaller and more compact cars such as Honda Civics, Ford F Series, Nissan Frontier and other cars of the like. In addition, motorcycle towing falls under this category as well. On the other hand, heavy towing is more focused on bigger and bulkier types of vehicles like cargo trucks, buses, and other large commercial vehicles.

Secondly, your situation will also dictate the towing you need. Scenarios like car crashes and collision recoveries will require a different type of towing equipment. This is to avoid further damages from occurring that certain tow trucks can cause to your vehicle. For situations like these, heavy-duty tow trucks equipped with flatbed trailers are best used to bring your car to the auto shop near you.

There are many more factors that will distinguish the two, but the best way for you to understand what you need is to go over a few examples:

Let’s say that as you are about to go to work, suddenly your car won’t start. In this situation, light towing is recommended; because light duty tow trucks tend to be smaller in size and can maneuver both urban and suburban areas with ease. Making the transportation of your car to the auto repair shop fast and hassle-free. 

The same stays true for car problems of the same nature like flat tires. If you find yourself in a position where you don’t have the means of changing your tire, then a hook and chain tow truck will best fit your current predicament.  

With that said, flat tire assistance and emergency roadside stops aren’t the only situations you can make use of light towing equipment. Certain types of car accidents are also best managed with the maneuverability that lightweight tow trucks offer. As an example, if you ever find yourself in a massive car mishap along a highway in Naperville, Il it can get crowded and hard to move the vehicles around. However, with light towing, cars can be transported easily to the nearest collision repair shop.

Sticking to the example above, let’s say that within the wreck one of the cars fell over a ditch. A simple lightweight integrated tow truck won’t do. In this instance, a car recovery service should be able to assess that a heavy-duty vehicle is required.  In addition to this, even small cars will require heavy-duty towing vehicles, such as a flatbed tow truck, especially when there are a lot of them involved or if the vehicle is wrecked beyond repair. 

These types of situations where immediate emergency roadside assistance is required must always be handled with care as to not inconvenience the people involved along with the response team. 

At this point, it seems fairly obvious as to what are the differences between heavy and light towing is. But to conclude this discussion, always remember that the main difference between the two is to make unfortunate situations, such as the examples above, easier on the parties involved. 

So, if you are ever looking for a tow truck service near you, it is best to understand the situation so that you will have a hassle-free experience in your towing needs. 

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