How to Properly Tow a Motorcycle?

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proper motorcycle towing

Riding a motorcycle is undoubtedly a freedom you can’t get in a car. A calming, almost religious feeling while cruising and a rush when cranking the throttle.. What happens if your bike breaks down while you’re on the road? A dirt bike is designed to be put into the back of a pick up truck when something happens, but most motorcycles are not. Well, there’s professional motorcycle towing in Naperville, IL. 

Towing a motorcycle safely and avoiding damage to both the motorcycle and the towing vehicle requires the right technique and equipment. Whether you’re doing it for maintenance or moving it somewhere, we’ll be talking about the procedures that can help you tow a motorcycle safely.

Use a Motorcycle-Specific Vehicle

The first factor to consider when towing  a motorcycle is the kind of vehicle used to tow it.. A flatbed tow truck with several anchor points for  motorcycles is recommended. The tie-down or anchor points are required to secure the motorcycle.

Secure the Motorcycle Properly

Make sure the motorcycle is secured with triple tree straps(loop straps) and ratchet straps. It must prevent the bike from moving but not be fastened too tightly that it may put undue force on the suspension. To avoid dents or scratches we wrap soft loops around the handlebars and frames.

Know the Laws in Your State

Each state has its own set of regulations regarding the towing of motorcycles. Some states mandate brakes on trailers. Others do not. Towing a motorcycle trailer may require a particular license in some areas. Just make sure you are following the rules in your state before towing a motorcycle. Hiring a towing company can avoid all these issues. Read on for more tips to properly tow a motorcycle.

Check the Motorcycle During Transit

To make sure the motorcycle is secure it must be checked occasionally. Go over the straps and  tie-downs every 50 to 100 miles confirming that everything is still tightly fastened. You will surely drive easily knowing that your motorcycle is safely in place.

Towing a motorcycle requires proper technique and equipment. Use a motorcycle-friendly tow truck or trailer, be aware of local regulations, inspect the bike occasionally and maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front. Remember that there’s motorcycle towing in Naperville, IL.

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