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Kit’s Towing Auto Recovery: Using Proper Winching Techniques

Auto towing in Oswego, IL, and recovery require not just proper handling but also integrating safety measures to ensure successful recovery. Our process of recovery requires a plan, specializing in all types of vehicles. 

Here is our process of auto recovery and our proper winching techniques:

Situation Assessment or Evaluation

Our plan of auto recovery starts with a plan and a better assessment of the situation. This provides a better insight into what course of action is suitable in the situation per se. Each situation is unique so our crew of operators ensures that a carefully and meticulously-designed plan is made.

The Recovery Process 

The recovery process does not simply hook or attach the cable and winch the trapped vehicle from its demise. Some things must be avoided during the process, such as operating while people or sightseers are close by, rushing the recovery process, and working under unsure circumstances.  

Kit’s Towing’s Winch Rigging Techniques

Our winch rigging techniques depend on the uniqueness of the situation. We use basic rigging techniques, such as single, double, and triple lines. 

  • Single Line
    This is the most common and simplest technique, wherein we use an anchor, tree trunk protector, and D-shackle during the recovery operation. The recovery is done slowly, following the standard winch procedure.
  • Double Line
    The double-line rigging technique involves an increase in pulling power for short distances. Accessories such as a snatch block, wire, shackle, and tree trunk protector are needed for this technique.
  • Triple Line
    The triple line technique has the same principle as the double line. However, our operators maintain a 90-degree angle between the first anchor and the winch. 

To ensure that your vehicle is winched and recovered successfully without incurring further damage, avail of Kit’s Towing’s auto winching services in Oswego, IL. Call us at 630-369-3225.

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