Get Instant Towing in Wheaton, IL

Get Instant Towing in Wheaton, IL

The nighttime streets of Wheaton or nearby areas can be an inconvenient and unpleasant place to get stranded in. Luckily, Kit’s Towing is there to provide towing to anyone stranded in Wheaton, IL. We have been towing vehicles for years and are ready to go out to assist you at a moment’s notice.

All our drivers carry a commercial driver’s license and are subject to extensive background checks before we hire them. We also have them go through extensive training in vehicle towing that makes them the best in the business. This way, you can be sure that the person towing your car is trustworthy and professional.

Our fleet includes heavy-duty towing vehicles designed to get flatbeds, semi-trucks, trailers, and tractors out of a tight situation. Additionally, we at Kit’s Towing regularly get the privilege of servicing several police departments. This gives our company an edge when it comes to dealing with accident scenes and the like. We can even tow all sorts of vehicles out of frigid water. If needed, we can send a driver and a loan car to get your cargo or luggage to where they need to go. We can even tow heavy construction equipment and pieces of furniture on top of our flatbed trucks.

Our tow trucks come with all sorts of tools required to get a car back into working condition. We have jump packs required to zap a car back to life, as well as receptacles for gasoline and diesel. We can also repair and replace tires. And if your car needs some immediate, special attention, we can tow it to the nearest local repair shop for the necessary repairs.

If you want to learn more about us and our roadside assistance in Wheaton, IL, call us or send us a message through our contact form. Our Facebook and Twitter pages also have regularly-updated content regarding us and our services. Explore our website and social media pages to learn more! Every job comes with liability insurance so that you are never left without a leg to stand on if a towing job goes wrong.

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